According to art. 151-154 of the Polish Water Law, which transposed art. 8 and 9 of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, drafts of the actualisation of the initial assessment of the marine waters and actualisation of the determination of the good environmental status are under the public consultation.

Drafts of the and are under the public consultation and are available in Polish.

According to the art 148 of the Polish Water Law, the Chief Inspector for Environmental Protection cooperated in the frame of the Helsinki Convention during the revision of the initial assessment of the Polish marine waters, drowned in Helsinki on 9th April 1992, to ensure coherence the assessment methodology in the Baltic Sea region and to take into account the transboundary environmental impacts of the Baltic Sea waters. CIEP representatives and experts collaborated under the HELCOM HOLAS II project - “Second Holistic Assessment of THE Ecosystem Health Of the Baltic Sea”. The draft report was issued under the project HELCOM HOLAS II and is available at

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